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(Oct 23- Nov 21)


Scorpio Element: Water
Scorpio Ruling Planet: Pluto
Scorpio Career Planet: Sun
Scorpio Love Planet: Venus
Scorpio Money Planet:Jupiter
Scorpio Planet of Health and Work: Mars
Scorpio Planet of Home and Family Life: Uranus

Scorpio Colours: dark red, brown, red, red- violet
Scorpio Colours that promotes earning power: blue
Scorpio Colours that promote love, romance and social harmony: green
Scorpio Qualities most needed for balance: a wider view of things
Scorpio Strongest virtues: loyalty, concentration, determination, courage, depth
Scorpio Deepest needs: to penetrate and transform
Scorpio Characteristics to avoid: vindictiveness, fanaticism, jealousy

Scorpio Lucky numbers: 7, 11, 23, 47
Scorpio Best day of the week: Tuesday
Scorpio Gems: jasper, bloodstone, malachite, topaz
Scorpio Metal: iron, steel, radium
Scorpio Scents: cherry blossom, coconut, sandalwood, watermelon
Scorpio Wood: redwood
Scorpio Flower: anemone
Scorpio Animal: scorpio
Scorpio Fabric: tweed

Scorpio Man:

Scorpio (Oct 23- Noc 21)

A Scorpio is a stinging and dangerous animal with vicious venom! In the zodiac system, a huge constellation stretches across the night sky like real life animal. Just like the constellation, Scorpio men portray larger than like image that can cast a spell among their friends, colleagues and opposite sex. A typical Scorpio has a deep magical charm around him that eventually will help other people to flock around him. Scorpio men can be extraordinarily charming, extremely secretive and deeply enigmatic in their character. People around them feel amazed and awed by their sheer and immense presence. A typical Scorpio feels the need for adventure and thrill throughout the life.

Scorpio men are usually very strong, virile, sexy, cajoling and magnetic in their physical appearance. Whatever his looks are, he can still be cynosure of everyone’s eyes. They have the ultimate power to catch everyone’s heart and soul. Whatever the case, all Scorpios are extreme human beings with their own special mind. They can be anything – idealistic, passionate, seductive, sexy, loyal or even unfaithful to someone who betrays them. Scorpio men want to control everyone with their power. More often, this could be a fatal flaw in their personality. Money attracts Scorpio men like bees; in fact, Scorpio men need money to exercise control over others. They want the power of money and the immense influence it offers to them. On the negative side, a typical Scorpio can be very moody, fickle minded, jealous, possessive and sarcastic in their characters.

Although, a Scorpio is a passionate person, he is not sex-hungry person who runs behind every girl on the road! He is just passionate about women and he expects the same from his spouse or girl friends. If you impress him, he can trust you for the rest of his life. On the other hand, if you intentionally hurt or wound him, he will never forgive you in his life. Many times, Scorpio men look very calm and quiet in public. However, when someone offends them, they can become vicious and aggressive at the person who offends him.

Scorpio Man Health

The zodiac sign of Scorpio represent sex, vitality and energy. Hence, most Scorpio men may develop ailments and diseases connected with their reproductive and circulatory systems. Symptoms associated with feet, hands, shoulders, stomach and heart may trouble them from time to time.

Scorpio Man Money and Career

Scorpio men are straight and clean in their approach especially in their career moves and aspirations. With their charisma and charm, they can influence anyone with ease and flexibility. They know to how to tackle even the most difficult tasks and assignments without any hesitation or doubts. The Scorpio men like to manage people and solve problems assigned to them. They can lead by example and set high standards for people around them. Scorpios are born winners and when they think of achieving something like a difficult goal, they can pursue until they win the race. Scorpios can excel in occupations that relate to investigative type of work or those areas that concern such intricate topics like psychology, psychiatry and espionage. A career in military is also possible.

Scorpio Man in Love

Scorpio men are seductive, attractive, magnetic, vivacious, sex inclined and charming with their great physique and mental strength. Love means a compelling relationship for most Scorpios. In fact, they could be the most mysterious people when it comes to their relationship with women and girls. The y could be extremely demanding and compelling with their spouses. In love life, Scorpios could be sizzling and boiling. At times, they could be excessive and demanding in their love life. Scorpios’ temper and anger are legendary and women associated with them will testify to this fact! However, when they find a suitable partner, they can be the happiest couple in the world. Compatible signs for Scorpios are Pisces, Capricorn, Virgo, Cancer, and Scorpio, while opposite signs are Aries, Taurus, Libra and Sagittarius.

Scorpio Woman:

Scorpio (Oct 23- Nov 21)

One of the most fascinating and amazing signs of the zodiacal system; Scorpio is an extremely secretive and passionate sun sign that has held humankind with an awe and immense respect. Scorpio women can be very trustworthy towards those who respect their intellect and mind. On the other hand, they can be deceitful, fearsome, and tactful against those people who hurt and deceive them. Scorpios can be very probing and authoritative all the time. They can also be very intensive and passionate about their likes and dislikes.

Scorpio women have the intense ability to read other people’s mind with uncanny precision. Just look at their eyes and you will understand why they are so magnetic and powerful. Scorpio is a self-destructing animal that relates to life and death. Every Scorpio woman is a proponent of extreme things of life, be them sex, passion, revenge, love and affection. Scorpio women also like to explore the deep and unknown; at times, they can develop a fierce obsession for exploring the depths of the world beyond the natural.

Most Scorpio women are wise, intelligent, smart and intuitive with a power to influence other people. For them, passion and sexual tendencies could be powerful tools of healing, both physical and psychological. Furthermore, for them both sex and love is different concepts that vary from simple relation to more complex psychological attachment. On the other hand, some obsessive Scorpio women may treat life as a playing ground and thus spoiling their lives with fruitless adventures. They may even try to gain total control over other people with a number of unreasonable demands. On the positive side, Scorpio women can display a tenacity to face and odds in their life. In fact, they possess a fierce dedication towards the things that they do or perform.

Scorpio Woman Health

Scorpio women’s health status depends on their abilities to cope with the pressure and pulls faced in their daily life. Scorpios could be fiercely possessive of their loved ones. If they perceive that they are not getting what they want in their love, they may lose their mental composure and develop isolation and occasional depression.

Scorpio Woman Money and Career

All positive Scorpio women know how to make money and lead a good life. Scorpio women could become excellent bankers, investors, brokers, financial advisors and businesspersons. In addition, they also know how to influence others to get their work done in no time. On the negative side, a negative Scorpio woman can face many failures in her life; in fact, she may even face a debt-ridden life that will be very difficult to get rid of in her life. However, most Scorpio women are experts in judging a situation that demands caution and financial intelligence. They can be tight fisted in their approach and misers in their spending habits.

Scorpio Woman in Love

A typical Scorpio woman is an intensely passionate person who can go any lengths to satisfy her partner. For her passion is the essence of married or love life. She could be sensually very aware about the advantages and disadvantages of sex and love. She may face some awkward positions because of her overtly excessive emotional overtures. In formal astrology, Scorpio is a sign that represents fire and aggression; in fact, typical Scorpio women can possess enormous power both psychological and physical. In general, a Scorpio woman can be very dedicated and faithful to her partners though she might be very jealous of anyone who is trying to snatch her possessed ones. Cancer, Pisces, and Capricorn are compatible to the Scorpion woman. On the other hand, Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, and Aries can pose some real problems to her.